Dr. Todd A. Penner is the owner & operator of KLO Chiropractic Centre in Kelowna, BC. The staff at KLO Chiropractic Centre includes two chiropractors: Dr. Todd A. Penner and Dr. Peter Stapleton as well as four registered massage therapists: Hilary Krumm, Kristen Ladouceur, Lauren Billey, and Ashley Hayes.

In September 2012 Dr. Penner launched a new satellite clinic in Peachland, BC. The Peachland clinic is named Peachland Lakeside Chiropractic & Massage. Dr. Stapleton spends the majority of his practice hours in Peachland while Dr. Penner practices there one morning each week. The Peachland clinic has two massage therapists as well: Catherine Gnius and Nick Berry. The Peachland Lakeside website can be found here: http://www.peachlandchiropractic.ca.

Dr. Penner is very proud of his outstanding team of professionals in both clinic locations and is thankful for the opportunity to serve the healthcare needs in Kelowna and Peachland.. Our office intentions are simply result and quality care based. Dr. Peter Stapleton and Dr. Penner are knowledgeable practitioners offering similar treatment methods to ensure our office philosophy remains consistent, ethical and quality driven. Our registered massage therapists Ms. Hilary Krumm, Ms. Kristin Ladouceur, Ms. Lauren Billey, Ms. Ashley Hayes, Ms. Catherine Gnuis and Mr. Nick Berry offer several years of experience and bring a high level of therapy professionalism to the patients seen in the clinics.

When you become a patient at KLO Chiropractic Centre, your goals become our goals. We offer each and every person a unique way to achieve increased levels of performance, strength, health and well being through the use of non-invasive manual techniques that have been proven to be safe and effective. We also work closely with our patients to develop individualized rehabilitation strategies.

An integral aspect of staying active and experiencing health comes from each and every individual taking an active role in their own lifestyle incorporated with healthy eating habits, proper rest and daily exercise. Patients who follow this lifestyle not only achieve the results they are looking for in a shorter amount of time, but also maintain this level of well- being for a longer duration.

KLO Chiropractic Centre accepts ICBC, WCB and VA and RCMP patients. We are also members of the ICBC Chiropractic Treatment Program. Under this new program, ICBC pays the chiropractor directly so you don't have to pay out of your pocket and get reimbursed later. And you're covered for as many visits as you need.